Artist Management

Over years, we have worked with a number of different artist's both in the capacity of full management and as service providers to provide support on specific projects.

Currently we have one music artist under our label; Matto Cole. Matto was the first artist we began working with in a full management capacity and over the years, Matto became family. Loyal and trustworthy, Matto supports our vision as much as we support hers, and this mutual respect is what keeps our relationship strong and us committed to her goals.

Matto is an award winning versatile African female artist from Sierra Leone whom strives to be different from the norm. Proud of the journey she has travelled, Matto’s music incorporates life experiences sung in multiple languages, including her signature mother tongue, Susu. Embracing her femininity, Matto always makes that extra effort to visually stand out. With her dynamic singing voice in combination with her high speed rapping style, fans are always amazed to see Matto’s fiery performances on-stage.

Check out Matto's music, videos and social media pages to see why we are her biggest fans!