2BExquisite Farm

With family ties in Sierra Leone, we maintain a strong connection and awareness about the challenges the people of the country face; unemployment and the reduction of agriculture being two of them. We saw this as an opportunity to do something different. In the early months of 2018, after months of negotiation, we acquired a large area of fertile farming land in Lungi, Sierra Leone. Being the newest business venture to our portfolio, this is our wild card!

Starting with the first 10 acres, we decided to sow rice. Being an important staple food, rice is eaten more then any other food product in the country. Sierra Leoneans enjoy their home-grown rice above any other but because there is not enough production in the country, rice it is largely imported. We have also started to grow hot peppers and will continue to add products to our portfolio as we grow as a company. We aim to fill a gap in the market by growing and selling food products within Sierra Leone whilst providing job opportunities and development to the local community.

We have labelled our food brand "Belleh Full" (Belly Full), a common phrase used by Sierra Leoneans to express their satisfaction of eating well. With packaging still in the final production stages, our products are expected to be available for sell later by the end of quarter 2 in 2019.

Please continue to follow our journey, look out for updates, and find out how you can purchase and bag of Salone grown country rice or hot peppers!