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Full-Service Wedding Planning

This is by far my favourite package, let’s see we if we can create something beautiful!

Planning a wedding can be a bit like working a full-time job. With the need to do unlimited amounts of research, make enquires, attend appointments, and work through to-do lists, I’m sure you can imagine how quickly the hours can clock up. Now imagine having a dedicated person on your side who does your research, manages your to-do-list, sends you reminders, recommends suppliers, works with you throughout your engagement and ensures your day goes exactly to plan… sounds good right?

With work, studies, children and other life priorities, it can be a challenge to juggle everything all at the same time. This is why our full wedding package was designed; to give you full support to plan your perfect wedding, whilst allowing you to enjoy more precious time with your fiancé.

We have a team of vendors whom we work closely with, we offer in-house wedding services too, but we always look forward to working with new external vendors, and the final choice of supplier is always yours. Our top priority is to put your vision first and so we will always help you to source and secure the vendors that are best suited for your wedding.

One of the advantages of having our full planning package is that we take on the management responsibility of all vendors. This means, we will arrange and attend appointments with you, negotiate and review contracts, liaise with them throughout the planning period and coordinate them on the day. As all communication will be done through us, it means you only need to deal with one company rather than many.

Another reason why you would want to take the full planning package is the personal assistant service. To-do lists, diary management, reminders, budget tracking, guest list’s and more; we management everything. Of course, nothing gets done without your input and approval, but this service allows you to have more time to concentrate on other things without falling behind on any wedding related task.

The full wedding planning service is ideal for couples who are busy, overwhelmed, want a bit of luxury or simply do not know how to start and want full support from a professional. If you think you would like to plan more of your wedding yourself, we can still support you with our partial wedding planning service.