Partial Wedding Planning

You take the lead and we’ll be your backup!

Weddings are so personal that it’s understandable why you might want to plan most of it yourself. Perhaps you know some people who provide some of the services you need, perhaps you’re a DIY master and want to put your skills into practice or perhaps you ‘OWN’ Microsoft and your life is colourfully organised in an Excel spreadsheet. With full respect for your desire to take the lead, this partial wedding planning package will allow you to choose the specific services you need us to provide.

Once we have agreed on which services we will provide, I will work with you to produce a timeline and checklist for us both to work towards. I will then give you the time and space to let your creativity overflow while you work through your to-do list. As the date gets closer, usually when there is about three months to go, we will have another meeting to discuss what has been done, what can be tweaked and what you need support with. Your vision is always our top priority, so our role will always be to guide and re-direct you to keep you on track.